Harvard educated, L.B. “Lenny” Bauchlerum has been in sales in one capacity or another since 1963. It happened by accident but since those early days, he has successfully sold insurance, scientific research instruments, office equipment, telephone services, data processing services and for three decades, financial services. What makes Lenny’s story unique is his hometown, Elvincent, Iowa, a village with a population of only 175 people (as of 2008), “far too small to have a hospital, library or website,” Lenny says. So, Leonard made frequent use of the Des Moines International airport where he has “flown to every state in the U.S. and many foreign countries” to close business on behalf the companies he represents.

During the last three decades, Leonard acquired an enviable record of having sold to almost all Fortune 500 companies. According to him, his path to success was inspired by the noted psychologist, Harry Levinson.  Levinson is hailed by Leonard as the founder of “psychoanalytic organization psychology” who became well-known for his work with the Menninger Foundation.

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